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Solar power

The idea of using solar power has appeared a long time ago. But just since 1970ís our technology became capable to realize it. Itís based on simple principle. Sunlight, falling on the collector, concentrates and turns into energy. There are various ways of realizing it, depending on how you will use the energy: to heat the pool water or for energy supply. The main difficulty here Ė power installationís cost, because special equipment is much more expensive than traditional energy systems. Besides, investments will pay off only in many years. Despite the cost, solar power is suitable for power supply in urban areas.

Investing in development of solar energy is good contribution to the future. At first, profit is insignificant, but it will increase with alternative solar energyís development.

Water power

Water power plants use the energy of falling water to turn turbines. This method of producing electricity requires controlling the flow water, such as river by, for example, dams. Water power plants have many advantages. It is possible to say that such energy source is renewable. By the way, generators, which are driven by water, donít cause air emissions. Water flow, controlled by water power plant, defines produced electricityís quantity. About 20% of world electricity made of water power. The leaders in use of water power plants are Norway, Russia, China, Canada, the USA and Brazil.

Water power plant is the most advanced type of alternative energy. Investment in such programs instantly brings you profit. Water alternative energy is one of the most developed forms of energy, as well as one of the most available. Today, power industryís evolution is rather great, thatís why investmentís profit increases so quickly.

Wind power

Giant wind turbines generate electricity when wind rotates their huge fans. Such fans connected to a generator, which makes electricity. Large wind power plants are available to satisfy main power requirements. Small power plants and single wind generators are available to produce such amount of electricity which enough for houses, communication devices and water pumps. As with solar batteries, construction of wind power plant requires a large initial investment, which does not necessarily pay off quickly. Among the main countries using such type of energy are Germany, the USA, Denmark and Spain. India and China also start using wind power.

We can say that wind power is selective in its own way, as well as investing in it. Of course, we canít place wind power plant in each field as not everywhere there is a wind necessary to us. But thanks to our long-term experience, we know about those programs of an alternative wind power energy, which will bring us a profit. Put your trust in us and your investment will be justified.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy sources use natural properties of thermal springs and steam craters for producing electricity and providing residents with hot water. Geothermal power plants are directing steam, exiting the surface of the earth, in the turbine. Turbines are rotating and driving generators, which produce electricity. In direct geothermal heating, hot water from thermal springs is used for warming houses and other buildings. In 2005, geothermal sources in 72 countries generated more than 16000 megawatts of energy.

Geothermal energy is the most interesting kind of alternative energy. It isnít well-known today, but it is worth investing in research and development of geothermal energy. Investments will not immediately generate revenue, but profits will be justified.